Heritage House Outing

You ever need a weekend away from the everyday business, well we do, so we took some senior youth up to Heritage Lake, we rented a cabin (Heritage House) which is designed for youth outings.

We were out there all by ourselves enjoying God’s creation, God’s peacefulness and each other’s company. Our time was spent in God’s word, watching late night movies, going on a great nature hike, playing games and of course enjoying great food (food and youth go hand in hand) and even brave enough to step into the lake water, which still had ice on it (maybe brave isn’t the right word).

We had some deep discussions about the kind of choices we make in life, what we put into our minds eventually will come out. What goes in, has to come out. Whether its stuff we watch in movies, stuff we look at on our cell phones, or stuff that we listen to, it does affect us in our daily walk. When you go on outings away from the normal, it seems like everyone opens up more and share some deep stuff. It was a great weekend. The youth chip in where ever needed, cooking meals, cleaning up after and so on. Everything ends up being a time of bonding with the youth which reflects The Zone’s motto “building relationships for life.”

Big thanks to Andy and Lori Fehr for donating a multi game arcade game to the Zone! 

Kim WorthingtonComment