Laser Tag / All Nighter!

We had a Rock Ridge mobile laser tag come out to the Hague gym, it was a great evening with a couple of hours of laser tag, about 60 youth came and enjoyed an action packed event.  After the laser tag the youth walked over to The Zone and we had Action Venture come out and had some interaction with the youth while presenting the gospel. Youth love food so we barbequed burgers for all the youth and after they were all fed and finished playing games at the zone (about midnight) we went to the church, had a few worship songs which was followed by a local giving his testimony on how life without God left him feeling empty, and how other avenues, such as alcohol and drugs, only left him more broken. He also touched on important it is to choose good friends who encourage you to make wise decisions and not spend time with the ones that take us down the dangerous path.  After he spoke, the guys and girls split and spent time in devotions and talking about what was on their minds, getting stuff off their chest and ask some great questions. After that we joined together as a group playing board games, giant Jenga, Dance Dance Revolution and Super Smash Bros. There was also a good game of mini sticks going on which was just as entertaining to watch as it was to play.  Thru out the night there was lots of food and drink which was a way that the youth used to stay awake.  The youth were served pancakes and sausage for breakfast at 6 am and then they went home to enjoy a good days sleep. It was a great night!

Kim WorthingtonComment