The Zone in a nutshell

“The Zone is a place where at risk youth can find practical care and refuge and be introduced to Christian adults.  Our goal is to help youth of today mature as balanced persons: physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.”

The mission statement that was drawn up by the board in 1998, and it is still our mission for the youth today

The Zone is there for the youth to make it their own, it is there for the youth to use as an alternative to the kinds of pressures that youth are faced with on a daily basis.  At The Zone the youth can take part in pool, fooseball, shooting hoops, ping pong or spending time chilling with their friends.  This past summer a small scale skate park was constructed with the youths’ help which has been a big asset to the backyard.

The ZONE fundraising banquet is Monday November 2nd. Contact Larry for more info: 

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