Ministry Update

Heritage House outing

13 of us went to Heritage House Oct. 23-25 to spend some time in a quiet isolated cabin.  Time was spent enjoying God’s great outdoors, studying His word thru some of the Alpha series, playing games, watching movies, sleeping and eating.  The weather was great for the end of October (+5) to do outdoor activities, 2 youth even went for dip in the lake, but did not manage to stay in the water very long.  You get to know the youth more personally on a setting like this.  This is an event that the youth always look forward to but it is getting harder to plan due to school activities.

The Banquet

We had an excellent fund raising banquet with great food along with great speakers and special music. and the amount of money that came in was the highest that the banquet has ever raised before.  Praise The Lord.  The different talks were geared about The Zone, coming from different angles on how it has impacted individuals, the community, the school and youth in general.  It is great to hear others say that The Zone does make a difference in the lives of the youth in the area.  

Kim Worthington1 Comment