End of Summer Reflections

I know everyone seems to be saying this, but I can’t believe it’s already September! This summer seemed to fly by faster than most, and here we are already faced with the busyness of everything fall brings. My summer was awesome and I was thankful to take a break and take some holidays for most of July. A few months ago Marlon and I were given an incredible blessing of being gifted a free week of Family Camp from Greenbay Bible Camp in Kelowna. This was a gift given by the team who runs the CYWC conference(Canadian Youth Workers Community). This conference is run in many major cities all across Canada every year, and at every location they give away a free week at Greenbay. When Saskatoon hosted the CYWC conference back in January, Marlon and I were graciously chosen as the winners and we were able to attend the camp in the second week of July this summer. We were even able to invite one of Marlon’s good friends to come with us. The boys had never been to a week long camp before, and Greenbay has SO many amazing activities and things to do. We had an awesome time, and it was such a blessing to get away and have a chance to relax and reflect and spend some quality time together. After our week in Kelowna, Marlon and I headed to Vancouver for a week to spend some time with family which was also fantastic!

Now that fall is officially here and everything is back in full swing, things are already busy around the office. I am still building a client base for my MINT Counselling practice which is going really well! If you need a trusted and supportive person to talk to, or know of a youth who could use some extra support please check out my website at www.mintcounselling.com and book an appointment online. Or feel free to reach out personally with any questions you may have.

In addition to counselling, Project Serve is also up and running and so the planning has begun! Applications are now open for our trip to Belize in February. And this year we are also offering a trip to work in the inner city of Los Angeles. More info and applications can be found on the main page of our website. The teams will be chosen by the middle of September, and then we will begin meeting together and training. I can’t wait!

Please be praying for me as I continue my counselling practice, that God can use me to help to bring healing and hope to anyone who is looking for it. And be praying for our Project Serve teams, that God leads the students to us who are reading for this life changing experience.

Kristin ClarkComment