Introducing MINT Counselling

These are very exciting times for me at Youth for Christ. Everything is in place, and I am officially a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor! Please check out my website at for more info on the areas I specialize in, and how to book an appointment online. 

This has been a long time dream and goal of mine, and to finally be up and running is amazing. I have been in youth work for 20 years and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that being a teenager today is not at all easy. There is incredible stress and pressure everyday, as well as navigating the crazy world of social media and just trying to make it through a day in high school. I am passionate about coming alongside youth and young adults to be a safe person who is willing to listen and to help without judgment or agenda. Please feel free to pass on my name and website info to any youth or families who may be in need of a little extra help or support. I have an awesome office space set up in our YFC building, and I am ready to launch this new and exciting counselling ministry!

Kristin ClarkComment