If you read my Christmas letter you know that on November 18th I brought Marlon home from Belize to live with me and join my family. I am happy to report that he is doing incredibly  well!! He is a very very happy young man and he is adjusting beautifully to his new life here in Canada. He started school at Holy Cross this semester and is loving every minute of it, and doing very well in his classes. He amazes me every day with his ability to figure out this new culture with ease. He has made a lot of great friends, gotten involved in two different youth groups, and in some ways it feels like he has always been here. Since I met Marlon 15 years ago I have always thought about bringing him here, and wondered what life would be like if he was a permanent part of my daily life. Having him here is my biggest dream come true (his too!) and stepping into this new role of being his mom has been the biggest blessing of my life. God has been blowing my mind with his faithfulness as I continue to reflect on our story. I believe He truly had this in mind from the first day I met Marlon, and I never could have guessed what kind of adventure was ahead for both of us. God has shown me once again the blessings that He has for each one of us, and that life with Him is the biggest adventure imaginable. 

Please continue to pray for us as we settle into the new normal of life and thank God for us for His faithfulness in all things. 

Kristin ClarkComment