Project Serve 2018

On February 27th I returned home to Saskatoon with a team of 11 youth after spending 2 amazing weeks in Belize on Project Serve 2018. This marks the 15th year that I have been taking teams down to Belize, and this year’s experience was just as amazing, exciting, and full of learning as my first trip. Myself and two other leaders lead a team of 11 youth from all over Saskatoon down to Belize for ten days. While we were there we spent the majority of our time at the King’s Children’s Home (orphanage) where I have been connected since I first went to Belize. We always want to contribute to the home in some way, so this year the team worked incredibly hard at two different projects. They laid the cement floor for a new chapel/home school building and also made a gravel road leading back into the farm to allow trucks access to the back of the property. With all of that cement and gravel it meant constant shovelling and lifting and transporting very heavy buckets. It was incredible to watch the team work tirelessly all day literally without complaint. They had so much fun working hard and it was so satisfying to see the two projects completed by the end of our time there. I know that the King’s Home really appreciates the help and support as they are trying to build a self sustaining farm to better take care of the kids who live there. 

When we weren’t concentrating on the work project we got to spend lots of time with the amazing kids at the home. Our team made so many amazing friendships, and it was very hard to say goodbye. God had many rich and beautiful lessons to teach us through the lives of these kids, and we walked away feeling so thankful for everything we have been blessed with in life and with a new found appreciation for our families who love us and for our God who faithfully provided and was so present in every minute in Belize. 

Kristin ClarkComment