My Parents Met My Kids!

In November I had the great pleasure of taking my parents to Belize with me, which was the first time they had ever been there. I have been travelling to Belize and leading short term mission teams there for 15 years now. I have been partnering with the King’s Children’s Home ( for all 15 of those years. I can still remember so clearly the first day I ever went to the King’s Home, what it looked like, what it smelled like, who I met. There are kids I met that day as cute little toddlers who are now all in Grade 12 and getting ready to graduate this year! It is incredible to me that I have been able to partner with such a great organization, and take so many students with me to share in the joy of the kids who live there. They are incredible kids, and even spending 1 hour with them will change your life. And I have been able to spend a lifetime with them, which is an incredible blessing and gift to me. So in November my parents decided it was time for them to finally come to Belize and meet these kids who I have watched grow up, and we had a GREAT time! My parents have watched from the sidelines and cheered me on as I have lived out this calling at YFC and poured into this mission in Belize. And it was an honour to be able to introduce them to these kids and watch them fall in love with them, just as hard as I have over the years. My parents got a chance to see my ministry and meet “my kids”, and it was an incredible blessing to me with memories created that we will remember forever!

Kristin ClarkComment