California Breakaway

I have been a part of the Calbreak trip for 11 years, and I can honestly say it’s as fun and exciting and meaningful now as it ever has been for me. Calbreak is an incredible trip and one of the most creative ways that I’ve seen God work in the hearts of young people. Calbreak is all about relationships. It is a fun and happy forced togetherness and shared experiences that makes way for incredible conversations about God’s heart. It is FUN fun fun, and in the midst of that fun is room for students to feel safe and loved and valued and secure not only by our amazing staff team but by God. Students come on the trip not knowing what to expect when it comes to the spiritual aspect. They feel sceptical and sometimes hardened and assume that any religious component of the trip will not apply to them. Instead what they find is an incredible team of staff who has given up 10 days of their life to share life with them, love them, and have open and honest conversations about where each student is at spiritually. It’s not a “we are right, you are wrong” conversation. It’s open minded and accepting conversations about what each of us believe, and a chance to consider God and His love for them. And God uses these conversations in incredible ways. There are students who come on Calbreak thinking that God doesn’t want anything to do with them, that they are unlovable and un noticed. And they get home knowing that they are loved, and understanding the heart of God more fully. As the buses pull out of Saskatoon every year I feel like they are full of teenagers who have walls up, who feel like they have to act cool, who have to prove themselves, who have deep hurts they have never shared, who are terrified of not making friends. By the time we pull into California I feel like we have buses full of teenagers who can’t help but giggle because they are having so much fun. Who put down their walls because they feel safe. Who decide to be themselves, not the persona they’ve created to make it through high school without getting hurt. And once they are in that safe space and the walls come down they are open to hearing about how God has brought them right to this spot to let them know that they are loved and treasured more than they can ever know. Calbreak is more than a trip to California. It’s an honour and a privilege to be a part of. It’s a front row seat to God seeking out His children and drawing them in close. It’s a gift.

Kristin ClarkComment