Personal Support

I need to be honest, it is incredibly hard for me to ask for financial support when I need it. Raising my salary is the biggest challenge in my job at YFC. There are so many incredible places that need and deserve your support. I often feel so unworthy to ask for financial support, but I have to humble myself and ask for help. I have many incredible people who faithfully support me, some since the very beginning of my journey at YFC which was ten years ago! I am so thankful for my team of supporters, and literally could not do this job without them! But it is time for me to expand my team, and ask for more people who are willing to come alongside me in this crazy and amazing journey. I am in a pretty desperate situation at the moment, and am asking and praying for some more financial support. Can you pray with me? I am always willing to chat more about this, so if you would like to hear my heart or ask me any questions track me down for coffee.