Project Serve


I got home from our Project Serve trip to Belize 3 weeks ago. This year I took 20 students and 3 other leaders to Belize for 10 days with the goal of building a volunteer house at the King’s Children’s Home. We were successful in building the house, and I was pleasantly surprised that they had some other needs and jobs lined up for us when we got there. In addition to the house, we laid a large cement foundation for even more volunteer housing, and helped in the construction of a green house that they are building. It was really fun to spread out a bit, and help in so many different areas. The Children’s Home has some big vision for their land, and it is so amazing to see the ways God is providing for that vision to become reality. 
When we weren’t busy working, most of our time was spent hanging out with the kids at KCH. There are about 100 of the most amazing kids in the world living there, and it was so fantastic to get to introduce this team to them and watch them all fall in love. A lot of strong connections were made, and it was really hard for our team to say goodbye. It was a really life changing trip for a lot of our team. Coming home is always hard, but I’ve seen some really positive life change and new passion for God and life from many of my students. 


Kristin ClarkComment