In the month of October I set a goal to try and get 100 donations towards my support account at YFC.  Every square is equal to a dollar amount, so I invited people to pick a square and donate that amount. To say that I am humbled by the response is a huge understatement. I first posted these squares onOctober 1st, and money immediately started pouring in. When I first started this fundraising campaign I’d love to tell you that I was super confident that I would be able to achieve it, but I wasn’t. 100 donations in 31 days seemed a bit impossible. And all together all of the squares added together equals more than $5000, which is a big goal. I was committed to working hard to meet this goal, but I was sceptical that I would complete it. I was so incredibly blessed by the response that I got. Not only with the donations that came in, but with the kind words of support and encouragement that came with them. I received donations from all over the country (and world!, from old college friends and mentors, and possibly the most humbling was receiving almost $1000 just from some of the youth that I work with. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for getting involved, supporting me, and reminding me that I am doing what God is calling me to do. It’s a blessing and and honour to have your support and prayers. 

Kristin ClarkComment