October Fundraiser

In the month of October I have set a goal to raise $5000 towards my support account at Youth for Christ. It is a big goal, and I wanted to think outside of the box about how to succeed. On October first I made a blank “bingo card” numbered from 1 to 100. I posted it on social media, and ask for help with “purchasing a square” to help me reach my goal. Whatever number square you choose, that is the amount that you then donate towards my ministry at YFC. I started the month not knowing what to expect, and I have been overwhelmed by the response. I have received over $3000 so far, as well as countless messages of encouragement. Thank you to everyone who has gotten involved in this fundraiser! I am incredibly blessed by the support I’ve received. 

I am over half way, but I am still looking for help to reach my goal this month. It would be so incredible to see all of these squares coloured in. If you would like to get involved and purchase a square, you can donate easily online by following this link (https://www.canadahelps.org/dn/534) and writing my name in the Message Box. You can also write a cheque payable to Youth for Christ. Thanks again for believing in and supporting my ministry! 

Kristin ClarkComment