Looking Back!

I can’t believe summer has come and gone. With another ministry year upon us I thought I’d look back at the summer that was.
After returning from Quebec City, Barb and I were on our way to Camp Oshkidee to lead the youth program for the week. We had 13 students including our children, and our niece and nephew, which was exciting for us. It was a great week of fun, family, and good faith discussions around the topic of eternity and the challenges of being a young person in today’s crazy world. We also had a bear on site. I got to watch him go into the bear trap, which was pretty cool.
After Oshkidee, Alex and I were off to HMI Saskatchewan Hockey Camp, held every year in Caronport, SK. This year we had 124 hockey players from all the province. It was a great week. Jesus was lifted up and many heard about Him for the first time which is really exciting. Many of the players indicated they wanted to begin a relationship with Jesus and many also recommitted themselves to following Him once again. We have a great lead team that seeks to see Jesus become the Lord of every player who attends. Hockey is a dark world and we count it a real privilege to serve Him at hockey camp.
After the camps were complete, we took some holidays. This year we hosted a birthday party for Barb’s mom, who turned 80! With hosting, we had a lot of work to do around the acreage, so we stayed home and worked, and had many fires around the fire pit. It was a great summer!
With fall upon us, I ask you pray for me as I lead YFC. There is so much work to do. I ask you pray for wisdom to lead well and to continually seek after Jesus as I lead our staff. Thanks for your prayers!

Kim WorthingtonComment