Family Stuff

I figure I should write a little bit about the wonderful family the Lord has blessed me with. With my new role, much is required of me with more travel and takes me away from the people I love the most in this world. So here is what is happening with our family!

Hockey season for Alex is almost finished. He will go to Regina this weekend for a tournament and then head to Winnipeg June 14-17 for his final tournament before taking some time off to golf and have some family holiday time. Alex will also join me for YFC National Ministry Conference in BC at the end of June. 
Alex will be completing grade 7 this June, which blows my mind how quickly this boy has grown. As of May 2nd he is now 13 years old. Where does the time go? Barb and I are very excited for Alex, as he has committed to getting baptized on June 3rd at our church, Waldheim MB. Feel free to attend and cheer on Alex as he makes this important commitment. 

Danika will be completing grade 5 next month. She has completed all of her music lessons and recitals, she can now turn her attention to working and training with horses, something she enjoys very much. Dani gets the opportunity to spend time at the neighbours to the south of us and help work with the horses in exchange for earning how to ride and tend to their needs. She loves it and we are very proud of her for her great work ethic and dedication. 
Danika is very artistic and is gifted in areas of music, as she plays piano, sings, and plays guitar. We are excited about the opportunities she will get by being musical and artistic. We are so fortunate to be her parents and are proud of all she has accomplished. 

Barb has completed another year of piano lessons. I believe she had about 30 students this year. She does an excellent job teaching them the gift of music. She will now take the summer "off" and work around the yard and make sure the kids are fed and watered. I cannot say enough about my wife and what she brings to my life. I am so blessed by God to have such a wonderful wife to journey through this life with.
As a family we are looking forward to taking some time together to go camping and spending some quality time together, which can be tough during the ministry year and chasing our kids around. Barb and I would like to thank you for your partnership at YFC. We really couldn't do this ministry with out the help of faithful partners coming alongside us and encouraging us along the way.
God bless,