California Breakaway

I recently went on the Calbreak trip for the first time in about 12 years. Since taking the new role of Executive Director for YFC, I wanted to see what we do here at YFC. What programs do we run that I am not really familiar with? Calbreak has seen some changes to the trip in recent years so I wanted to see how things are run these days. 
What I saw on the trip was a staff team that was very engaged and each serving with the gifts and passions God has given them. Our volunteers were amazing! I can't say enough about how well they served the 98 students we had on the trip this year.  What impressed me most was how the Gospel was shared to these students. Gary Garcia, a local youth pastor from Fountain Valley, CA, was excellent all week. I was very proud of our team and how they really pressed into this trip and gave 100% all week. God is good, may HIS name be praised!

Kim WorthingtonComment