YFCHL Boot Camp

This past weekend the YFCHL team took over 40 students to Redberry Bible Camp for a weekend of hockey, great food, and hanging out. I was able to join the team for Saturday and help give some assistance where needed. Over all it was a great weekend.
For me, the highlight was hearing from Tarrant Crosschild, who leads Child of the Cross Ministries. Tarrant' story is one of God's grace in his life. Tarrant struggled badly with alcohol abuse and had lost everything in his life, which led him to consider taking his own life. Thankfully the Lord spoke to Tarrant while in the hospital, leading him to the Teen Challenge program where Tarrant began a relationship with Jesus. The Lord is using Tarrant to speak to students all over the province and beyond. Tarrant is a marathon runner and after hearing his story the New Balance shoe company decided to sponsor Tarrant. We praise God for His work in Tarrant' life and hope that his story resonated with our crew from YFCHL. 

Kim WorthingtonComment