A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to Brandon with the Humboldt Broncos chaplain, Sean Brandow. Sean was asked to speak at YFC Brandon’ Gala of Hope. We also spent time with the Brandon Police Service, where Sean shared about the experience of the Broncos tragedy and how the community of Humboldt is doing now. It was a great time to debrief with Sean about our experiences after the tragedy, and spend time praying with Sean, who has been through a lot since the crash on April 6th.
This past weekend Matt Melnyk and I were able to hang out with some of the guys from the Blades at Timberjaxe Axe Throwing. If you have never been axe throwing I highly recommend it for good fun, and team building as well. This year at our chapels, we will be looking at the leadership of Jesus, who has so much to teach us about leadership. I am looking forward to going through this with the players, as many are good young leaders already. Please pray for this season with the Blades. We need and covet your prayers for the ministry of YFC!

Kim WorthingtonComment