Boot Camp 2017

What a weekend! Once again we took our YFCHL (Youth For Christ Hockey League) program to Redberry Bible Camp for a weekend of floor hockey, food, fellowship, and faith. 

Our speaker, Andrew Russell had to cancel last minute due to his 3 month old son being very ill. It was discussed among our leadership that I should be the one to speak at Boot Camp. This made a busy week even more chaotic for me, but I was happy for the opportunity! I shared my faith story and that no matter where you are or come from, God has a plan and can use you. Saturday evening I shared about Fatherlessness and how God can fill the hole in our hearts left by our earthly father's, as many students don't have a strong male presence in their lives. 

This is our 5th Boot Camp we have run in our 8 year history of YFCHL. Many of the kids consider this weekend to be the highlight of their year. God has been moving in the lives of students. I ask that you would pray for our young people. Many of these students do not know the love of the Father, yet they desperately are looking for it in all the wrong places.

Kim WorthingtonComment