Summer Camps!

What a whirlwind summer once again! Between holidays and going to camps my summer flew by as it usually does since I have been at YFC. 

Our first stop was serving at Camp Oshkidee. Barb and I are on the camp committee for Family Camp at Oshkidee. Our role is recruit youth workers to serve for the five weeks of family camp. This year we served in the role of Children's workers! We used a curriculum called Son Sparks Lab's, which uses many cool scientific experiments to show God's love and share the gospel. It was a great week with a great bunch of kids and young people to help us out with the little ones.

After Oshkidee, Alex (my son) and myself travelled to Caronport to serve with Hockey Ministries International summer camp. My main roles are to put together a highlight video and to work with the camp director to run media for our chapel times. It was great week! I have served there each summer for the last six years and this was my favorite week yet. We had a great team lead us in music during our chapel times along with a great lineup of speakers. A highlight for me was seeing a couple of my son's hockey friends attend the camp for the first time. These boys are not from Christian homes so it was great to see them hear the gospel and learn that they were actively listening and engaging during chapel and team time.

Lastly, I was a speaker for DIRT Camp, which paintball camp at Ranger Lake Bible Camp. I spoke to the older kids for the first time (14-18 yrs). In the past I have always spoke to the younger boys, so I was a little more intimidated this time around. At almost 42 years old the thought of 5 days of paintball had me a little nervous. Thankfully I'm in decent shape and didn't come home to battered and bruised to badly! I spoke to the boys about the importance of following Christ instead of Adam. I spoke to the fact that the world needs more Christlike men to lead and be the men God wants us to be. All in all it was great week for me. God is good! 

A little demo showing the guys how to attack/defend!

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