Executive Training in Denver!

Last week felt like I was drinking knowledge from a firehose! Gil Klassen (my boss) and myself flew to Denver for week long training with about 20 other YFC staff from all over North America. It was really neat to be able to connect with so many new people and see how their chapters operate, and to hear how kids lives are being changed across our countries! 
A highlight for me was how the trainers really pushed us to be Christ centered leaders. Not that we weren't before, but they brought the John 15 chapter back into focus, "Apart from God we can do nothing." Another takeaway I had was a discussion about icebergs. Generally when people see us they see 10% of our lives. Like icebergs, we only see what is above the surface, while the other 90% is unseen. This hit me in relation to how I live my life. I need to feed my soul and walk humbly with the Lord that I might glorify Him and lead others to Himself. This is the 90%, bible reading, prayer, community, and spiritual disciplines!
Along with class time we also had some fun! YFC USA/International offices are across the street from the Denver Broncos practice facility and offices. For those that know me, I am a huge NFL fan. So on our lunch break a few us walked across the street and spent about 30 mins talking with different staff and walking around the facility.  During our last night in Denver YFC Canada purchased tickets for all the Canadians to attend a NHL hockey game. This was such a fun evening as we watched a great game between Washington Capitals vs. Colorado Avalanche. 
So many takeaways from a great week of learning!

Kim WorthingtonComment