Remembering California Breakaway!

This week as our staff embark on yet another Calbreak trip. I am brought back to the times when I went on Calbreak and the impact it had on not only the students, but me as well. It seems like a lifetime ago, yet every time I think of Calbreak I think of the relationships built with those students that I met on the trip.
The first time I went on the trip was as a volunteer for YFC. My wife Barb (then fiance) was on staff with YFC. I remember meeting John and Tammy, a student couple who were on the trip. We hit it off instantly as we sat in front of them on the bus. From that moment on we have been friends. John and Tammy got married a few years later and now have their own kids and a successful business here in town. The best part of the trip was getting to to talk to them about the Lord. They have since accepted Christ as their Lord and have become supporters of mine here at YFC. They have volunteered, lent us vehicles to take kids to camp, and so much more. It's funny how God works. The fact that Barb and I sat where we sat on the bus, to me, was no coincidence. Please pray for our staff and volunteer team as they take over 90 students on a trip that they will never forget!

Kim WorthingtonComment