I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere...

As I write this I am preparing to go to my final camp of the summer. On Sunday I will be heading to Caronport, SK for the week to help run Hockey Ministries International 2015 hockey camp. This is always a highlight as I get to bring my son. I love that the students receive hockey training but more importantly bible training.
This summer our family has travelled quite a bit. We have been to Kelowna for our YFC National Ministry Conference, Calgary to visit family and ministry partners, our family along with my sister and brother in laws family went back country hiking near Mount Robson, spent a night at Barb's aunt and uncles cabin near Hinton Alberta, finally spent a week at Camp Oshkidee. I (Kim) also drove to Minot North Dakota for a concert and returned that same night. I quickly realized I am not 20 years old anymore! Among all this travel good things have happened. God has met us along the way in different ways. Whether it's basking in His creation as we live in the mountains for a few days, or being challenged by a speaker to simply abide in Christ and the rest the details will fall into place, or simply being obedient and doing a job at camp that wasn't in my wheelhouse. God is good and continues to show himself in many different ways. Enjoy the pictures and videos below of our hiking trip and Oshkidee week.

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