The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


We first met Jordan (not his real name) 10 years ago. Life for him in Saskatoon has not been easy. All the typical problems and vices of inner city life have haunted him. Drugs, alcohol abuse, gangs and crime have all been things he has been struggling with for years.  About five years ago after a stint in juvenile jail, Jordon committed his life to the Lord and was on a good path. A few years ago during the Christmas break, he and one of his friends were chased down by gang members. He escaped; his friend was killed. This event seemed to spark a downward spiral into gang life.

I’m not sleeping or eating hardly anymore
— young man

Our staff see him occasionally, depending on how his life is going. Now he is 21 years old,  and his full involvement in gangs, drugs and crime are a reality. Last week he came by our office. I asked him how things are going. His reply to me was that he's doing some hard drugs and is not sleeping or eating anymore.

There is a part of him that wants to follow God's way; but as he prepares to spend time in prison, he fears for his life, if he does not have the security of gang protection. 

In many ways, his story is typical of many young aboriginal boys in Saskatoon. He is a fun guy and has a great smile. He wants to be a positive influence in others; but with the wrong crowd the negative influences are hard to overcome. And his hope for the future becomes bleak. We hope and pray that he can have a happy ending to his story.  At SYFC, we are trying to bring the hope and potential that God has in store for young men like him. 

Some days are good. Some days are not. 

Please pray for this young man. He awaits trial and is unsure where he is going and for how long. Please pray that God would grab a hold of his heart once again.


Kim WorthingtonComment