Blades Update

My first chapel with the Blades was very successful. I had the entire team attend! It was nice to introduce the program with all the guys there as we had some fun with a few games etc. Our theme for the year is "I AM SECOND". This comes from a ministry in the US and is very applicable to the team setting, putting teammates and others ahead of yourself. The I Am Second series has dozens of films of various people sharing their stories. For our first chapel we heard from Mike Fisher who is a NHL player and a follower of Jesus. I know many of the Blades players could relate to Mike's story about leaving home at a young age and the pressure to perform in a business where everything is stats and performance related. I try to share with the guys that God is their biggest fan and has given them the ability to play the game they love. 

Please continue to pray for me. I would love to be able to invest in 1-2 players this season. Please pray that God would grant me favour and show me what he wants to do with this chaplaincy.
In Christ

Our family travelled to Swift Current to watch the boys pick up a 4-0 win!

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