Summer is Coming

May was a busy month.  Drop-In averaged 20 plus students every Tuesday night.  Leslie was able to help out with the cooking over the past couple of weeks.  The students and volunteers were happy to see her.  Due to the weather, we have been able to take some of the students to the Mayfair School yard. 

Hockey officially ended May 29th with the Awards Banquet
.   Nine players retired as they have turned 20 including 3 that I have driven for several years.  It was a great evening to celebrate this year of hockey, enjoy a great meal and handout some awards.  Please see pictures attached of the festivities.   

On Friday nights at Carpenter’s Church, we have been discussing relationships and now are doing a series on social media.  Our partnership with Carpenter’s continues to be strong.   

Next week is the Grade 8 Farewell at Mayfair School with 5 of our Drop-In students leaving Mayfair for high school. 
More Grade 8 Farewells and Grade 12 Grads will be happening over the month of June.  Leslie and I hope that we can juggle our schedules to attend all of them.  Please watch for further info and pictures at the end of June.   

On June 16th, Carpenter’s Church will be holding their annual Community Fair.  As volunteers, it is a great opportunity for us to meet the parents of the students we work with plus other people in the neighborhood.    

-Continue to pray for my support account.  Thank you to those who have sacrificially given to help me out. 
-Pray for Leslie’s knee.  It seems to be healing well, but she has a tendency to overdo it. 
-Pray for the Community Fair on June 16th.
-Prayer for the students we work with as summer can be difficult for some.  We will continue Drop-In and the Project throughout the summer.   

Jim MillsComment