April Highlights

With the YFCHL Playoffs and Leslie’s recovery from knee surgery, I was only able to help out at Drop-in sparingly.  Led by YFC Staff, Tyler, Carmen and Scott, Drop-in continued with the assistance of the Carpenter’s Church group and some great volunteers.  Drop-In will continue through the balance of the school year and into summer.    

The playoffs were done on April 10th with the Jacks winning the Junior League and the Capitals upseting the Stringers, who have won the cup 3 years in a row.  Pictures are attached showing the winning teams.  With May coming, there will be some pickup hockey and then the Awards Banquet on May 29th.  At the Awards Banquet, we honor those that have turned 20 years old.  Including in that group are 2 of my guys that I have driven over the past few years.  I will keep in touch with them.

My junior boys’ group
are progressing as they learn more about God, Jesus and the Bible.  The Project will continue through the rest of this school year and into the summer.    

Three of our hockey boys and one of our Drop-In students
went on our California trip last week.  According to all reports, they had a great experience.  Pictures are attached.

-Leslie’s recovery from knee surgery.  She is working hard at her exercises and has physio every 2 weeks or so.
-My support account.  I had my pay reduced for April.  Unless I can get more money in, I will continue to see reduced pay. 

 Thank you for the prayer and financial support.  Please give me a call if you would like to talk about the programs. 

Jim MillsComment