2019 Off To A Bang!

The first 2 months of this new year have been great as we get back into the groove of the regular programming. 

Although attendance has been down slightly, we are seeing students entering into conversations with our staff and volunteers.  The food is still a BIG part of the evening with video games, coloring and board games as a part of the night.   

One of the churches in town, Mount Royal Mennonite Church let us use their gym for floor hockey every afternoon through the school break.  We also had help from the youth group at Hepburn Mennonite Church.  They came and played hockey.  There wasn’t much free time between games so most of the students were tired by the end of the week.  I sold concession and had the chance to drive some students and had some time to visit with the students on the drives

As for the regular season of hockey, competition is heating up.  Only 3 more months until the season is over.  There is lots of floor hockey yet to be played.   

Friday nights at Carpenter’s Church continues to have strong attendance.  For the most part, my small group of junior boys are wanting to learn more about faith.  The most recent series of teachings was on being Christ Followers.  

-My financial support is low and I will need money to receive my full pay.
-The students we serve.

Thank you from Leslie and I for your support.

Jim MillsComment