And now back to our regular scheduled programming.

After a tremendous Christmas Banquet in December, we took a little break over Christmas.   Drop-In started up in early January.  Attendance has been strong over these past few weeks.  Christmas is tough for the students we work with due to a lack of food and funds to purchase presents. 
We had a huge blessing before Christmas with Circle Drive Alliance Church providing a financial gift and food.  The youth pastor had his youth group purchase items and put together the goodie bags for our Christmas Banquet. 
I have been able to talk one on one with some students and hear about the things going on in their lives.  My heart breaks to hear some of their stories. 

YFCHL (Youth for Christ Hockey League)
After another tremendous banquet in December, the hockey program took a break starting up in January.  The program has moved to W. P. Bate School.  The location is great and also as a bonus “rent free”.  I am still picking up students in the Confederation area, doing concession and taking care of the paperwork. 
I am looking forward to some Grade 12 grads this year as some of the boys I drove over the years are now in Grade 12.  It is hard to believe it has been almost 9 years since I started at hockey.  The “short little chubby” boys (as they refer to themselves) are now grown up. 

We continue our partnership with Carpenter’s Church on Friday nights
.  The students are being challenged to grow in their faith and be a follower of Jesus.  My small group (the junior boys) are a handful.  I try to help them understand the concept of a loving Father and the price paid by Jesus for their sins.  I have one student, Jason, who loves to read the Bible versus in our small group.  He struggles with reading but does his best. 

-Pray for the students in our programs.
-Pray for Leslie as she is awaiting knee surgery and is in a lot of pain at times.
-Pray for my financial support.  I am in need of funds over the next 2 months.

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