Since the start of June, we have been able to attend Grade 8 Farewells of some of our Drop-In Students.  

Two were involved in the “Let’s Lead” Program at Westmount School.  Let’s Lead – Nīkānētān is a full school year program for Grade 8 students who enjoy being in the outdoors and want to improve their leadership and teamwork skills while working on the Grade 8 curriculum in a practical format.  The program is geared towards those students who have this potential, but might not have been able to realize or develop it due to financial barriers. Therefore, all equipment, transportation and food costs along with any other fees incurred will be covered completely by the program for each student.  Pictures of these 2 young ladies with Leslie are below.

We also celebrated a number of others at Mayfair Community School and 1 more from Westmount Community School.  Some pictures are attached below.  We did miss getting pictures of all of them.

Summer programming will start next week with Drop-Incontinuing on Tuesday nights, The Projectmoving to Wednesday nights and we are adding a movie/video game day on Thursdays.


-Pray for the young people as summer can be hard. 

-Pray for our programs that we can continue to provide meals, etc. over the summer. 

Jim MillsComment