There has been a lot going on at YFC this spring.  We have a few events coming up over the next couple of months.  We are also working on plans for the summer.  Unfortunately, we were unable to receive any grant money from the government to hire summer students.  

I have had the opportunity to have some good conversations with students in our programs.  I feel blessed to work with these students although it is hard.  They are usually very open and honest about their struggles.      

Attendance continues to be strong.  There were 4 new students who showed up this past Tuesday night.  Hunger is definitely an issue in this neighborhood.     

Two of our young men from Drop-In and The Project were baptized on April 1st at Carpenter’s Church.  It was a great morning starting out with a pancake breakfast.  The 2 students are also part of my small group on Friday nights. 

A youth conference was held on April 20th and 21st at Elim Church.  Approximately 500 students from various youth groups around Saskatchewan attended including 33 from our Drop-In and The Project.  There was a couple of concerts, worship and workshops specifically for youth.  Leslie and I drove students back and forth and were responsible for getting people to serve pizza lunch on Saturday.

Like the NHL, we are in the first rounds of the playoffs with a full day of games planned for Saturday, April 28th.  I will be picking up some players, selling concession, first aid and hopefully watching some great floor hockey.

-Pray for all the students we work with especially Alize and Devlyn (the young men who were baptized).
-Pray for the protection from injuries of the players in our floor hockey program. 
-Pray that I am able to connect with a student who recently attempted suicide.  He has left Saskatoon and lives in North Battleford with family there. 
-Pray for Leslie.  She is struggling with pain in her knees. 





Jim MillsComment