Ministry Update

The hockey season was officially over May 31 st with our Awards Banquet. It has been a challenging year with the change in location and other interesting developments. Most of the boys I drove to hockey this school year won awards. I will miss hanging out with them although I have a couple of birthdays yet to celebrate. Pictured below is Tristen and Triston. I have been driving these 2 great young men to hockey for a few years now. Also, there is a picture of the group of some of the guys I have driven for the past couple of years plus my little buddy, Avery (bottom right of the picture). There is more about him in another post.

I have gotten very close to my little buddy, Avery. He has been involved in Disorganized Sports, Drop-In, YFCHL and The Project almost every week. He has also assisted me with concession at hockey when he is not playing. His older brother, Elijah has also been a part of these programs. I recently received the news that Avery and his family are moving to Winnipeg. I will be sad to see him go. Our Youth for Christ chapter in Winnipeg has a floor hockey program so I hope I can get him connected there. Please pray for Avery and his family. Pictured below is us at hockey.

Our Drop-In has been a little different this year with more younger kids coming with siblings. One of the little girls will melt your heart. She has the biggest smile and loves to colour. She showed me a picture she had coloured a couple of weeks ago. I told her she should colour a picture for me to hang in my office. On Tuesday night, she came up with the biggest smile and brought up a picture for me. It was hard to hold back the tears. I complemented her on how pretty the picture was and got it hung up in my office.

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