Fall Frenzy

The leaves loaded up in the trailer!

The leaves loaded up in the trailer!

Sunday night is our Fundraising Banquet.  Please pray for the donations, etc. for the night.  It has been a lot of hard work to get this evening put together.

One recent Friday night, we raked leaves in the Mayfair neighborhood as a service project.  Our time was restricted, but we were still able to load a trailer of garbage bags filled with leaves. 

On October 31st, Leslie, Carmen and I helped out at the Carpenter’s Church with their Carpenter’s Carnival.  There were 213 kids and parents who stopped by to play games, get their sugar fix and hangout in a safe secure environment.  Please pray as we continue to build relationships with the kids and their parents. 

One of the things I enjoy at the Youth for Christ Hockey League is taking care of the concession.  We basically break even on this, but I get to talk to a number of the kids every week.  

Last night at the Youth for Christ Hockey League, I had a young man who is new to the program.  He came up to me to buy a drink and I asked how he was doing.  This is the first time I have really meet him.  He just blurted out that his birth mom had died and talked about being adopted.  I was somewhat floored.  I have heard the story before, but it felt like the first time I had heard it.  I asked how he was doing and he said okay.  Please pray for me as I build a relationship with him. 

I am excited by seeing some of the fruit of our labor.  The kids from Drop-In are going to Sunday School at Carpenter’s and as they get older they are developing a servant heart and helping out at Youth for Christ and the church.  This should continue as more kids reach school age.      

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