Being Consistent!

There are 2 First Nations brothers, "Bert" and "Ernie" who starting coming to the Drop-In last summer. There is a father in the picture as the boys have asked for food for Dad the odd time over the past.  They told me last summer that Dad was taking them camping, but there was limited food for the trip.  We happened to have some weiners and buns which I gave to them for their camping trip.  Almost every week so far since this fall, they are coming out for YFCHL floor hockey, attending our Disorganized Sports program at Mayfair School and coming to Bible Talk on Friday nights.  This gives me the chance to hang out with them 4 times a week.  They are still pretty quiet, but I am trusting that God is working in their lives through me and the other leaders and volunteers in our programs.  Please pray for them and the Dad.

Jim MillsComment