Calbreak 2016

My daughter, April, went on the 1998 CalBreak trip.  Leslie and I were a little apprehensive as she was going on her first major trip without any of her friends.  I was on the board of Saskatoon Youth for Christ so I knew about the trip more than most parents.  April came back from that trip with a lot of memories. 

Her chaperon, Heidi, maintained contact with April for some time after the trip.  She talked about the Project Serve option where the group made sandwiches for the homeless.  One particular man working at the kitchen was singing "Amazing Grace" all morning and shared his testimony with the students.  She was impacted by the fact that they turned people away when they ran out of sandwiches.   

April also has a rapport with a number of the young men on the trip as she was brave enough to ride the roller coasters with them.  The young ladies outnumber the young men on each trip, but April always had young men around her.  Gil told that story during the reception at April's weeding a few years later.  

Jim MillsComment