Ministry Update

Chris is a young man who I have gotten to know over the past 3 years at our Drop-In.  He has been able to attend on a regular basis when he is in the area as his mom lives in the Mayfair area and his dad lives in the Forest Grove area.  Recently, his school was part of the “Let’s Lead- Nikanetan” program where students volunteer at a business/organization in the city.  Chris chose our Tuesday night Drop-In as the place for him to volunteer for January, February and March.  He is helping out with setup of tables, chairs, etc., helping serve the meal and cleanup.   God has used us in Chris` life.  He is great to see him volunteering with us.  Please pray for Chris.   

Five summers ago, there was a young lady who visited our summer Drop-In program on a weekly basis.  She was 15 years old at the time and brought her little sister who was 3 years old.  If her little sister could not come, this young lady could not come as she was the care giver for her little sister.  When we were able to do the Drop-In all year round a few years later, a young man named “Sam” started to attend.  A short time later, his little sister came with him.  It happened to be the same little sister that came a few summers before. Since that time, we have learned a lot about the family- family members living at different places, Sam was the care giver to his little sister, the Mom struggles with alcohol, Sam’s older brother had some possible gang involvement.  Before Christmas, Sam’s Mom came to Drop-In to talk to Leslie about her situation.  She had some Christian influence in her life through a friend of hers.  Leslie listened and prayed with her.  It was certainly God that brought her to Leslie as I struggled with addictions and her parents had difficulty with alcohol.  Since that time, Sam and his older brother have moved into a new place with mom, Mom is attending a church and attempting to turn her life aroundl.  The only issue is the little sister who is not living with the family, but is living with her grandfather in Prince Albert.  Leslie and I continue to pray for the family.  We miss Sam`s little sister, but we know she is safe and will one day return to her family.  Please pray for this family.

Jim MillsComment