Summer time!

Summer is officially upon us.  School is winding down and our summer programs are starting.  Here is an update:

Disorganized Sports (DS) at Mayfair School
-We had our last DS on Tuesday morning with 12 kids out.  For a couple of them, this is their final few days at Mayfair as they get ready for Grade 9.  Again, the games varied from floor hockey to basketball to shooting hoops.

-Our attendance reached 50  two weeks ago and then dropped to 32 last week.  Mayfair Pool opened up last week and the kids wanted to hang out there.  
-We had our Family BBQ on Tuesday night at Carpenter's Church.  Over 100 people attended.  It was a great night made successful by the support from the church and the cost for the event covered by Elim Church.  The mobile youth centre was there with the soccer cage and other items.  There was a steady flow of people so we weren't swamped.  The kids enjoyed the activites and I got to meet some parents and some new kids.  

Grade 8 Farewells (Grads)
-Leslie and I attended 2 farewells last week with kids from the DS and Drop-In programs.  I have 1 more this week with 1 of the boys I drive each week for hockey.  

-The schedule for the Drop-In changes in July with a move to Thursday.  The plans are to have an afternoon program with brunch, Bible Talk and then our evening similar to the Tuesday nights.  We need to get funds together for feeding the kids over the summer.  

Prayer Requests
-Money for my support account and the Summer Drop-In Program for feeding the kids.  
-Leslie and I have been fighting various medical issues.  Please pray for our health.
-Summer is difficult for kids with time on their hands and in some cases, no food to eat.  Please pray for the kids in our programs.   

I want to thank those who have sent money in since my last update.  Thank you for your prayer support.  I am available to talk and share stories with you.  Call me on my cell at 306-221-9820 or via email  

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