Ministry Update

Disorganized Sports on Tuesday mornings at Mayfair School continues with 8 to 10 kids showing up.  Every week, the game is different than the last.  Last Tuesday morning, the kids played basketball, soccer and floor hockey all on the same gym floor.  Hence, the name fits (disorganized).
Drop-In on Tuesday nights- we had 40 plus kids last Tuesday night.  These kids continue to come hungry.  Kids are inviting their friends.  One of our summer students helped out for the first time.  Please consider a financial gift to help us continue to feed these kids.  
YFCHL- With hockey season over, I want to continue to keep in touch with the group of boys that I drove each week.  Last Saturday, we hit Fuddruckers for lunch.  I am planning to do a couple of things over the summer with this group.  
The Summer Programming has started.  One student (Odai) started last week with another student (Kiara) starting yesterday.  Besides our Drop-In, they will be helping out at The Rock Church with Bibleville, Forest Grove with the Connection and various locations with the Mobile Unit.  
Summer is particularly difficult for our Drop-In kids.  The school provides breakfast for them through the school year.  When summer comes, they do not eat.  I am looking at a way to fill that gap for the summer.  I will let you know as things progress. 

Jim MillsComment