The Week that was

Last week was a little quieter around the office as 4 of our staff were gone to California for our annual California Breakaway trip.  All reports indicate that is was a great time.  I was able to do a little cleanup around the office. 

This past week has been a busy one.  I again started the Disorganized Sports at Mayfair School on Tuesday morning.  Eleven kids showed up with a couple of new kids and the regulars.  Spring is in the air as some wanted to practice high jump and then they played some basketball. 

On Tuesady night, over 30 kids showed up for Drop-In.  Leslie did chicken fingers for the meal.  Some of our volunteers from Horizon had leftover chicken nuggets, which we used up and then needed to break into our emergency supply of personal pizzas.  The kids were hungry.  Two of our volunteers, Garrett and Alex, got engaged.  Just to clarify, they were dating before hand.  This is the last week for 5 of our volunteers as they leave for their respective homes for the summer. 

Wednesday night was the first night of the YFCHL Playoffs.  The boys I pick up weekly were looking forward to the night with their teams pulling off some victories.  For the next 2 to 3 weeks, we will be playing Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  I think there will be some upsets. 

We have cancelled the Friday night Bible Talks for the next few weeks as the Volunteers from Horizon College are leaving. 

For the summer, we have grants approved for 2 students.  The summer schedule will be similar to last year with partners such as Ebenezer Church, Forest Grove Church, The Rock Church, The Bridge, City Centre Church and our drop-in program at the YFC building.   

Our Golf Challenge is on June 15 at the Willows.  We are in need of golfers and sponsorships.  If you need more information, please visit our and click on the link for "Golf Challenge" or call me at 306-221-9820 or email    

Prayer Requests
-Pray for volunteers to help out with Drop-In and Disorganized Sports. 
-Pray for the right people as staff for our summer program.
-Pray for our volunteers to have a great summer.
-Pray for my support.

I currently have money available in my support account.  With summer coming, there is normally a drop in funds coming in.  Please consider a donation to my support account.  Thank you.

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