One more week is left in the regular season with the playoffs starting after the Easter break.  As the Concession Guy, I get a chance to talk to a number of guys (and young ladies).  There seemed to be always 1 or more sitting in the chairs beside me.  They talk mostly about school and sports.  

I got to meet the Dad of 1 of the boys who plays hockey and also comes on Tuesday and Friday nights.

I am having some good talks with the boys I am driving.  One of the boy's Dad is in jail.  He talks a lot about his Dad's promises he makes to him.  

As the mother of a young man who has been part of the YFCHL for the past several years and who has seen FIRST HAND the positive impact that the leaders of this group had on my son....I will say that I fully trust in the leadership and cannot describe how unrecognized this group is. We are truly aware of the power of this fellowship and everyday my mind explores ideas on how to keep this fellowship going.


Jim MillsComment