Drop In

Last Friday night, the kids caught spring fever as they didn't want to sit still to listen to the lesson.  We had to move to Carpenter's Church as there was a meeting at our building.  

Last Tuesday night at Drop-In, one little girl who has just started coming over the past few weeks told me her dad got mad at her for reading her Bible.  This meant she wouldn't be able to come on Friday nights to our Bible Talk.  I must admit this tore me up.  The good news is that she showed up on Friday. 


What a night!!  We had 29 kids out on Tuesday night for Drop-In.  They kept coming throughout the night with some old faces returning.  It was great to catch up with some of the kids we haven't seen in awhile.  We are showing "I am second" videos near the end of the night with a prayer time afterword.  They were really listening to the video by Moriah Peters, an American Idol contestant.      

We now have a freezer which will really help.  We are putting the stove to good use.  The meal variety is going over with the kids.  

Four of our volunteers will be leaving the middle of April


I am in need of more financial support.

Leslie is back at work part time and expects to be back full time in the next couple of weeks.  Continue to pray for her knee to heal.  

Pray for volunteers for the Drop-In and Bible Talk.  

Pray for the kids in our programs.  They are dealing with some big issues.  

Leslie and I thank you for your prayers and financial support.  

Jim MillsComment