Ministry Update!

-Attendance is averaging over 25 kids on a weekly basis.  
-GREAT NEWS- We had 1 young man accept Christ last Tuesday night,  
-We have also had some ladies help out by making desserts and meals.  I shared with one of the volunteers at YFCHL about needing people to do desserts.  He is the youth pastor at Cornerstone Church.  I received a text a few days later from one of his volunteers whose small group of Grade 9 to 12 girls wanted to make the full meal including dessert.  This volunteer just happened to be in the youth group at the Prince Albert Alliance Church that Leslie and I volunteered with.  It is a small world.  
-Last Tuesday night, another lady from Lawson Heights Pentecostal made brownies.  
-We have had 24 out the last 2 weeks.  The kids are getting younger so we have discussed the fact of putting an age restriction on the night.  Also, we are starting earlier at 5:00 instead of 6:00.  Some of the older kids from Bible Talk go to another church for their youth group night after we are done.    
-DS at Mayfair has seen an average of 10 kids show up.  Soccer and floor hockey continue to be the dominant sports.  The last 2 weeks, we have had intense floor hockey games.
-I am driving most of the same boys that I drove last school year.  These young men have grown over the past few years.  It is great to be a part of their lives.  One refers to me as his “white grandpa".    

Thank you for those you attendied our Banquet on Octeber 26.  Thank you for your financial donations that night. 
Prayer Requests
-Please pray for money for my support account and the Drop-In Program for feeding the kids.  
-Please pray for volunteers for the Drop-In as attendance grows.  Also pray for a female
volunteerfor our hockey program.

Jim MillsComment