Rollin, rollin, rollin...

There has been a strong start to our fall programming.  Here is an update:

-Attendance is averaging over 25 kids on a weekly basis since the end of summer.  Thirty-two attended last night.
-We have some great volunteers.  Garrett and Alex are back in Saskatoon from Manitoba.  They attended Horizon College last school year, got married over the summer and are now back with Garrett serving as youth and children’s pastor at Carpenter’s Church.  Kelly is another volunteer who is helping out.  Our new intern, Carmen is also helping out plus Leslie.
-The kids are dealing with some big issues.  One young man shared with Leslie and I about his mom’s drinking problem.  Carmen shared with a young lady about becoming a Christian.  Another young man was arrested for shoplifting.  

-We have run 2 Fridays nights with Bible Talk.  Unfortunately, we had no-one come out for the first night with 6 showing up last week.  This is being led by Garrett and Alex with Leslie and I in a backup role.
-Leslie and I drove a young girl home last Friday night.  Her and her brother have been regular attenders of Drop-In and now Bible Talk.  We had some food left over so Leslie went into the house with the young girl.  Leslie put the food in the fridge which was empty except for some BBQ Sauce.  We couldn’t leave her alone so we took her over to the church where her brother was attending youth group.  
-We love these 2 kids and it broke our heart to see the house with no food and no-one home to take care of the young girl.  

-DS at Mayfair has seen an average of 10 kids show up.  One week, we played soccer with a volleyball and hockey nets.  Soccer and floor hockey are the dominant sports so far.
-One of our board members, David Derksen is volunteering along with our intern, Carmen.

-I am driving most of the same boys that I drove last school year.  
-The hockey has changed locations to St. Marys.  It is a great new location with a larger gym and more space.  There are a number of new kids especially girls.  We are in great need of a female volunteer to help with the influx of new female players.  
-I am still the “Concession Guy” so I get to talk to most of the kids throughout the night.  

Jim MillsComment