Winnipeg Winning


Good looking group of guys we have there eh?

These are your 2019 YFCHL National Tournament Champions! These guys worked really hard to get out of Saskatoon’s very competitive league only to come up against the Winnipeg all-star team for a national championship. These guys had some adjusting to do and battled through adversity to capture the national title! It was really great to spend a week with these guys and have so much fun together. These trips make amazing memories and was the end of the road for some of our guys; an amazing way to cap off a YFCHL career! Also, huge shout-out to our volunteer Clint, who took the time off work to come win with us in Winnipeg! It was so cool to have him out! The guys love and respect him, and it is great to have guys like him on our team impacting the next generation of young people.

It has been a huge blessing working with some of these guys and we are sad to see them go. What is super cool is the younger few guys on this team showing a ton of potential. Our future looks bright at YFCHL, can’t wait to see how much these guys grow.

Evan PetersComment