Raising Support


 Well as mentioned before it has been great to have a spouse along for the ride. Rebecca has blessed me continually and has added an amazing dimension to my life that everyone seems to appreciate. I am incredibly thankful for such an incredible gift and I hope I can remain that way!

      That being said, our marriage has come with more responsibility and a higher demand on my time and resources. We’ve entered into a mortgage on a condo, and at the same time I am trying to watch my hours at work. Rebecca has been great at helping me track my work habits and challenging me to live a healthy balance.

      Last year, in an attempt to work a little less, my fundraising took a bit of a back seat in the work I was doing. This enabled me to both spend time with my wife and  still spend a lot of time with the kids, but it left my support account in the red. 

      Asking for money and help is never as easy thing to do, but it is a necessary part to the work we do at Saskatoon Youth For Christ. You enable us to help these kids.

       If you feel that the work I do is important. If you feel that the influence I (and Rebecca) get to have on the youth of Saskatoon is worth it, please join in. Whether it’s bringing us some food so we can feed kids, praying for us continually, or donating your hard earned money to keep us paid, consider partnering together with us. Help us to love these kids, see the them changed and the world around them better because of it.

Evan PetersComment