Life Experiences


  I thought I was going to have a bit of time to relax and re-cooperate after such a crazy year, but that didn’t work out as expected! Rebecca and I were able to spend some time speaking at Redberry Bible Camp this summer and I got to take some of our guys on a trip to the mountains!

      Camp was awesome! It was interesting to “switch roles” back on the place where we’ve spent so much time, but it was great. The speaking role is my favourite job at camp! You get to build relationships with many kids, and be a part of everything at camp! We also brought a few of our YFCHL guys out there and they made some solid decisions for Jesus. There’s quite a large crew coming with us to church on Sundays, and it is awesome to be a part of!

      After spending some time at camp, I packed up six guys and a volunteer and shipped out to Calgary for four days! Every one of the guys in these pictures had never seen the mountains before, so we gave them an experience! We got to hang out in Calgary for a few days and then took a drive into the mountains. We went for a swim in the ice-cold waters of Lake Louise, before hiking Sulfur Mountain and finishing it all off in the hot springs! It was a character building thing, and I’m not quite sure they appreciated the experiences I forced on them at the time, but they’ve continually mentioned how glad they were after. I’m just glad their world is a little bigger after this trip. They were chosen because they are some of our student leaders and I am hoping they can continue to exceed my expectations  in the future. Great kids starting to show some great character.

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