God is Greater Than the Ups and the Downs

I have made it to year FIVE! Not only that, I’ve somehow convinced a very amazing woman to come along for the ride with me. Although busy, our combined lives have been incredible so far. We’ve enjoyed relying on and using each other’s unique giftings to reach out to these kids, and I’m super excited to see how that progresses! It was been awesome to serve and love them together, opening up our home and feeding them some meals! 

Thank you for believing in and supporting us, as we open up our lives to these great kids! 

The last year has been the biggest roller coaster I of emotion I could have ever imagined. So many awesome moments of joy, and at the same time intense moments of sadness. From entering into a new marriage and the joy that comes with that, to losing a close friend, we’ve really experienced it all with our kids, showing them that sometimes you need to embrace the good, and the bad.

      The floor hockey league was a lot more problematic for us last year. Numbers seemed to be a little lower and we could not get on the same page as our facility. Things were just a struggle and it was not something we were used to. On top of all of that we lost our female volunteer and good friend Kaitlyn Craig, lovingly named “Intern”. Kaitlyn moved to Saskatoon in 2013 and spent a year as an intern with me and our kids. She was a delight to us and had many close relationships with our kids. In late February she was diagnosed with stage four cancer, passing away a little over a month later at the age of 23.

      We were all incredibly sad, but we were able to go through it together. Communities that struggle together bond deeply and it was our pleasure to not only walk with these kids through this, but to see them handle it so well. Many of them are dedicating this year to Intern (#ForIntern), promising to do well in school and play their hardest “for Intern”. It’s been amazing to see her legacy live on through this tattoo she got        G>^v       which means “God is greater than the ups and the downs.” In the picture below, we’re all holding up bracelets with her name and tattoo, showing she’s left a great legacy.

YFCHL Awards.jpeg
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