Calbreak 2016

What a trip. I fall more and more in love with this trip every year. It is seriously amazing to be able to share this experience with a group of kids every year and also challenge them with purpose. We were a little worried about this year, numbers were down and the dollar was high so come March, things were looking a little dreary for this trip, but it went off without a hitch! We actually ended up having one of our best trips yet! Everyone came home safe, everyone had a blast. Huge success.

        This year I got to hang out with a sweet group of students from Spiritwood, SK. We’ve built up this pretty sweet relationship with that town! Every year they send 10+ students on the trip, giving us some solid support as well as a great opportunity for relationships with returnees! (Gymblast out there is also a riot, seeing and catching up with all the people we’ve met over the years is just a ton of fun!) The picture on the right is the small group of guys I hung out with, and the picture on the bottom is everyone from that area! Such an absolute blast to be able to hang out with these guys and even get to see them grow up a bit. 

        Upon return we figured out a good system for student evaluations, and were given a couple really encouraging statistics! First, we are accomplishing our mission of giving these kids the trip of a lifetime. Almost every one said that it was a life-changing and positive experience. Another goal is to introduce the concept of a loving God. We found that 31 of the students were interested on exploring a relationship with God, and 20 were interested on a Bible they could understand! It is encouraging for us and exciting to see what God has in store!

Evan PetersComment