Hanging out at Boot Camp

Yet again, Boot camp was the highlight of our year.

There's something about playing hockey and eating good food all weekend that is just good for your soul. We had a blast.

Our speaker this year was phenomenal. Hip hop and slam poet artist Andrew Russell (A.k.a. The Journalist) was there to just hang out and get to know our kids, and he was great. He's an amazing freestyle rapper and had a couple sessions where he totally blew everyone's mind! One trick he used, was getting people to just hold up something that was in their pockets as he grabbed each item, rhymed his way around it and then moved onto the next object. Then, he got a bunch of people to come up with words, wrote them down on a white board and also rapped his way through them, from top to bottom.

It was awesome.

At the end of the weekend, the Lumberjacks ended up taking the championship after a long hard fought game. Super entertaining hockey. What a rush.

Our kids are so great. it was such a huge blessing to serve them in this way. We were exhausted like crazy, but we loved it. 

Here are a couple pictures of the weekend! Feel free to enjoy!

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